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Steve Lee

Name Steve Lee
Genre Fingerstyle
Capo(s) used Performance 1
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In 2012, Steve was inspired to play fingerstyle guitar when first saw Sungha Jung play K-Pop arrangements on YouTube. After watching lots of fingerstyle covers online, Steve studied and practiced until he believed he was a moderate fingerstyle player. He then decided to create his own YouTube channel by the name of "SteveLeeAcoustic".

In 2015, Steve gets noticed by one of his favorite idols, Sungha Jung. After Sungha watched Steve's cover of "Flaming", Steve was invited to perform as a guest on his "2015 Two of Me Showcase" Concert. Ever since, Steve continues to get noticed by a lot of fans worldwide.

Today, Steve has over 6000 subscribers with over 630,000 total views on his YouTube channel. He continues to challenge himself everyday by arranging songs of all genres with a variety of difficult techniques. Steve is on his journey to find and produce his own musical sound.