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Tom Scothern

Name Tom Scothern
Genre Singer - Songwriter
Capo(s) used Performance 2, Newport
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Tom is a singer songwriter from the North West of England. Well known for his live performances across various venues, bars and restaurants across the North West, and the occasional performance elsewhere around the country and overseas, Tom plays sets mainly structured around popular covers performed in an individual acoustic style.

As well as performing covers, Tom is currently writing and recording his first release, 'Let's Get Lost - EP'. Years in the making, the release of the EP is looking to be quite soon as the recording process is currently coming to a close.

Taking inspiration from a diverse range of artists, Tom's original material has taken shape in a similar style to James Bay, Ed Sheeran and James TW. Based mainly around an acoustic foundation, Tom's songs are brought to life by his band to become full and rich sounding tracks.

After spending a while solely writing alone, recently Tom has started collaborating in writing sessions for himself and other artists, allowing his writing style to develop, which will definitely be apparent in the years to come!

Tom is known for being an acoustic artist, but he is also proud to work with several different musicians who join him to form his Duos, Trios and Band. The line ups of these acts are constantly changing, but whoever joins Tom always adds something different to his sound. In most cases when joined by others, he's joined by a keyboard player or an electric guitarist, sometimes both. In any case, these performers are all brilliant and bring another dimension to Tom's sound.

Tom has always been very passionate about music and started playing guitar at a very young age. By 12 he was gigging locally and became a regular around his local music scene, gigging more and more each year until it became a weekend job while he was at college in Blackburn and Manchester.

After leaving college, Tom became a full time musician, performing at the weekends to fund writing and recording sessions during the week. He currently spends a lot of time working with other musicians, writing and recording with them for his own material and theirs too. The weekend work started to lead to some more commercial work and weddings, allowing Tom to travel a little, gigging in France, Germany and Portugal, some of which being small festivals, allowing Tom and his Trio to perform his original music to a wider audience.