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JC Villafan

Name JC Villafan
Genre Americana
Capo(s) used Nashville
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JC Villafan, a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, began his musical career in coffee shops and neighborhood venues throughout Southern California.  Along with his evocative lyricism and rhythmically expressive guitar work, his charming stage presence and soulful vocal ability captivated a fan base in California which has now, of course, expanded internationally. Villafan’s musical style is strongly rooted in Rhythm and Blues; and it’s through listening to Villafan’s soulful music that his audiences have been able to connect with him so organically.

In 2012, after the release of his Sweet Time and with much encouragement from friends and fans alike, JC made a daring decision to fly to Europe with little more than a suitcase and his guitar. After connecting with and developing relationships with some friends in Europe, he was launched into his tour. What followed was a myriad of brilliant performances in a few different countries over the course of several months; his remarkable journey through a foreign land, across stages large and small, would provide him with the inspiration for his 2014 EP, 
“I Still Believe.” Since his return, JC has been working heavily on new material in his recently completed home studio space, and we can definitely expect more music and performances in the year to come.