A replacement string pad and ART® for the Wide Width Heritage guitar capos.

Easy to install - simply pull out the old string pad and ART* then push the new one in!

This is a genuine G7th replacement part, with string pad made of inert silicone rubber that won’t react with your instrument’s finish and original ART construction.
Available in original black only.

Parts are shown in red and white to help you choose and are meant only as a guide.

Capo not included!

Important note - these are designed as replacements, NOT for regular removal from the capo. Do not remove string pads unless you are replacing as you could damage it and invalidate your warranty.

*If you find you have a Heritage capo with serial number 0811 or earlier, then you may have the original gel-based ART system. If so, let us know when you place the order so we can send a few extra instructions.