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Fast, easy open tuning without retuning!

The Newport Partial #3 is a cut capo in the Newport Series combining traditional flip lever action, with a low-profile and classic G7th design.

This quick-release partial capo clamps 3 strings for Esus, or use upside down for open A. Then simply flip the lever to release and you're instantly back in standard tuning!

The Newport's low profile doesn't interfere with your fretting hand, while its fine tune adjustment dramatically reduces tuning problems.

As on all G7th capos, the inert silicone wrap around rubber and internal G7th design features eliminate deadening of tone and avoid dangerous metal to wood contact on your guitar neck.

Version Partial 3 String
Colour Silver
Adjustable Tension Yes
One handed operation Possible with practice
Weight 44g / 1.6oz
Size and shape Slim, and rounded, so you'll hardly know it's there.
Max fingerboard width Bar rubber length 7/8" (22mm); full length of bar 1 3/16" (30mm)
Max neck depth 1 1/16" (27mm)