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Hotfeel Rock

Name Hotfeel Rock
Genre Rock
Capo(s) used Nashville
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Artists biography

Hotfeel was officially born in the hot summer of 2007, when the first songs of the band started to take shape.
Panther, the wild singer from the city of L.A., travelled all the way to Jackson, Mississippi. She had heard about this guy living in the swamps who was capable of make you shiver with just a single chord of his guitar. He was known as The Reverend among the people of the swamps, since he preached the good news of rock’n’roll like nobody else could.
He couldn’t resist the charm of the pantera, and both started a road trip looking for innocent souls willing to join their mindless plan of becoming an authentic rock band. After some time travelling around, they stopped at a dirty bar somewhere in the desert of New Mexico, and then they saw him: Sick, the British Gentleman, playing his bass surrounded by women and holding a glass of Jack Daniel’s in his hand, wearing leather boots and sunglasses at night.
They instantly knew he was exactly the man they had been searching for -always elegant and a real wild guy when it came to make his bass howl, and though they had to blackmail him with a sex tape involving bondage, finally could convinced him to join the band.
So they were having good times, playing here and there and getting drunk almost every night… But felt like something was still lacking- they needed the rage and thickness only a true rock drummer could give to their sound.
The Reverend then recalled having met once a famous booty hunter, Charlie Hatchet, in a honky tonk down in Mexico several years ago. The guy was an expert in knives as well as in playing drums as goddamn loud as hell, so Charlie’s razor-sharp playing earned him the nickname of Hatchet.

After inviting him to an all-expense-paid night in a Mexican whorehouse, the band finally convinced him to become their Fourth Rider of The Apocalypse. 
These four madmen have promised to join forces and blow your mind with powerful and rabid rock n' roll!!