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Jill Tirinnanzi

Name Jill Tirinnanzi
BandJill & Julia
Genre Country
Capo(s) used Nashville
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Jill & Julia are two sisters living in Las Vegas, NV who are singers, songwriters, and musicians. 

Through their close-knit harmonies and vibrant, unique song-writing, Jill & Julia captured their first record deal with Lamon Records Na, located in Nashville, in October 2013.
Program Directors at radio stations across the country and the music industry press agree that Jill & and Julia’s first single, “Wildfire,” (released in March 2014) and the songs on their self-titled debut EP, deviate from the traditional country music genre and provide it with a much needed breath of fresh air.
Even more surprising, many fans of the ladies profess not to be country music listeners! They love the unique sound and more closely identify Jill & Julia’s music with Folk and even Americana genres. And Jill & Julia are energized by this cross-genre appeal and write new songs that continue to thrill Las Vegas audiences.

Before they were in their teens, Jill and Julia were studying piano, guitar and voice (Julia was classically trained to sing Italian arias, and Jill trained in the art of harmonies). 
The girls made their appearances on stage at various beauty pageants in the Mid-West, performed at state and county fairs, sang at the opening of professional sporting events, and placed at city and regional vocal competitions.
Jill & Julia admire the song-writing of John Paul White, formerly with “The Civil Wars,” and Kasey Musgraves. But Jill & Julia do not emulate anyone – they have their own unique style and sound, due in large part that all songs are written exclusively by this sister act. 
Grammy nominee producer, Dave Moody of Lamon Records puts it aptly, “Jill and Julia have a very unique and marketable sound. Their song writing is relevant and fresh, and their blend of all things Americana resonates with the listener... this sister duo has what it takes to be successful."So give the ladies’ music a listen and enjoy its appeal that transcends genres and demographics, and hear the sound that has continued to captivate the audiences of Las Vegas!