Capo Guide For Beginners

Capo Guide For Beginners

What is a capo?

A capo is an accessory for guitars that effectively shortens the neck of the instrument, allowing guitarists to easily play songs in different keys.

Many different styles of capo are available, but the most important aspect to bear in mind is how it will affect the sound or tuning of your instrument: if a capo clamps down too hard, it will pull the strings out of tune. If it doesn’t apply enough pressure some of the strings will buzz instead of ringing cleanly.

We recommend getting a capo with adjustable tension, like our Performance 2, Newport or UltraLight capo. This will allow you to stay in tune when using the capo and avoid strings buzzing.

G7th Performance 2 capo

How do I use one?

Simply attach to the guitar neck in the desired position, and place close to the fret wire – this reduces the risk of pulling the guitar out of tune. Adjust the tension where required, so your strings ring cleanly and without any buzz. If you’re using a fixed tension spring capo, then check your tuning.


When is it useful?

A guitar capo is an extremely useful accessory for any guitarist when used effectively. Whilst you can play most songs without using a capo (and we recommend you learn how to play in all keys without the capo too), it makes life much easier for tricky keys like Eb - put a capo on fret 3 and you can play in C instead. It also gives new sonic possibilities when two or more guitars are playing the same song – one playing open in D and the other with the capo on 5 playing as if you’re in A!

Which one should I get?

An adjustable capo should be at the top of your list. Here are two styles that we recommend:

Performance 2 capo

Our flagship capo. Simply squeeze to attach, and squeeze the lever to release. You have infinite control over the tension placed on the strings, so you know you’ll keep them in tune – no non-adjustable capo can offer that. Nearly as fast to move as a simple spring capo, but without the unnecessary retuning after you put it in place. It also stores easily on your peghead when not in use, or for even quicker access you can put it just behind the nut with a light squeeze.

UltraLight capo

Our most affordable capo, and possibly the lightest capo in the world! Simply snap into place, adjust the tension as required and go! Pull back on the adjustment knob to remove the capo, and pop it in your pocket ready for the next song! All G7th capos come with our Free Lifetime Warranty, which you can register for on our website

G7th UltraLight capo

For a useful cheat sheet, check out this one from our friends over at Worship Tutorials (a resource for Church musicians, but applicable for all guitarists!)