Discerning ears? Get a Heritage capo.

For guitarists with discerning ears, a capo makes a big difference to tone. That's why Randall Ray (Rockbridge Guitars luthier and co-founder, pictured above) uses the G7th Heritage capo. Working with incredible musicians (such as Dave Matthews, Brandi Carlile, Richie Sambora and many more) and building high-end acoustic guitars, he knows that no other capo compares - in his own words, "Not even close."

Here's the full email we received from Randall not too long ago:

I thought you'd get a kick out of this story, which proves how great your capos are.

I'm sure you guys are like me, inveterate tinkerers, and as a side effect, we often torment our better halves to ask their opinions about the sound of guitars, strings, picks, etc. and are frequently met with indifferent responses, like "it sounds the same".

My wife does not suffer fools gladly, as the saying goes, she saw Hendrix, Joplin, Traffic, you name it back in the day, it takes a lot to impress her.

The novelty of my guitar playing skills that I used to woo her wore off around 1993, but we're good.

Tonight, I was messing around with a couple of guitars, and one of them had another "high end" capo on it (which I bought before I discovered you guys), and I decided to do an experiment.

I went into the living room where she was watching tv, played a guitar for her with the Heritage, then the other capo on it, it took her half a second to recognize how great the Heritage sounded compared to the other one.

She was like "Are you kidding me?"

Not even close.

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