G7th Celebrates More than 10 years support to Brazilian Orphanage

For over 10 years now, a portion of G7th profits has been set aside to support charities. One of these, 'Goto No Deserto' (A Drop in the Desert), is based in Wenceslau Braz, Parana in Brazil. The project seeks to support and educate disadvantaged street kids, often living in broken families, impoverished areas, with no schooling and not enough food.

With our support over the years, Goto No Deserto has been able to clean, feed and educate more than 30 children each year, getting them to a point where they can integrate into local state schools and develop a firm education. In addition, the charity has helped many families with essential medicine for the children and parents, to survive in extreme poverty and disease.

Commenting on the work Nick Campling (G7th Founder, Capo designer & Chairman) said “We consider ourselves to be in a privileged position. As a company, G7th has always sought to set aside part of our profits to support charities like Gota No Deserto. Their work offers hope to children who otherwise wouldn't have an opportunity in life. It's rewarding to see lives develop and a smile on a kid's face after a day at school.