Introducing Capo Sapiens

Introducing Capo Sapiens

A message from Nick Campling, G7th Founder, Designer, and Chairman:

Simple, non-adjustable spring capos are having a negative effect on your guitars - our latest ad campaign is about helping guitarists understand that and what you can do to fix it.

The Reason

It’s clear that the design of simple spring capos* is flawed: too little pressure and the capo fails to do its job, leaving you to suffer string buzz. Instead, they apply enough pressure for the worst case – heavy strings and high action.

This is too much pressure for most guitars so they pull your strings sharp and you're left having to constantly retune. I’ve actually measured 19 lb / 8.6 Kg force on one well-known spring capo brand – more than double what’s needed – and when you calculate the pressure being placed on the strings alone it’s around 400PSI, the power of a wolf bite!!

The Ad (the fun bit)

I hope you’ll enjoy our brand new ‘Capo Sapiens’ characters featured in the ad – we had a lot of fun making it!

It’s based on the humorous “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” series of ads by Apple©, where Steve-Jobs-type (Mac) and Bill-Gates-type (PC) characters chat together, PC always seems to come off worse! I really enjoyed the banter between the characters, and they’re well worth a quick YouTube search if you haven’t seen them. You’ll see a nod to Apple at the end of our first video.


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Nick Campling
Founder, Designer, and Chairman of G7th, The Capo Company.

* Yes, I know we make one! There’s a lot of demand for them and we have tried to optimize the Nashville against the inherent problems of spring capos. I’d still always use a Performance 2 Capo myself, for its control over tension and ease of use.