Jon Gomm drops his capo

In a new video from his latest album, "The Faintest Idea", Jon Gomm drops his capo mid-song. On purpose though, so it's ok.

For those who don't know him, Jon is a UK-based singer/songwriter and longtime G7th Artist, synonymous for his incredible ability to fuse complex guitar parts with percussive drum sounds over captivating lyrics. This new album is his best work to date!

The newest video is for the song "Swallow You Whole", and about it, Jon says this:
"This song is weird. It's my attempt at the calm frenzy and cold warmth of Drum & Bass. The lyrics are about being consumed by need. This music captures how weird I feel, all of the time. Always somehow chasing and fleeing at the same time."

Click below to see the video on YouTube.

Want to learn to play this song? Head over to Jon's website for tabs.