NEW UltraLight Classical and Ukulele

NEW UltraLight Classical and Ukulele

We're very excited to announce two new additions to our range of UltraLight capos!

UltraLight Classical

Specifically designed for classical and flamenco guitars, the UltraLight Classical delivers fast, buzz-free capoing with incredible value. Simple to use - just click into place on the neck and adjust the tension as required. When you've finished, pull the knob outwards to release.

A particular benefit for classical players is the astonishing weight of the capo at just 0.4OZ / 10g, and its low profile all the way around the neck. This means it won't affect the balance of your instrument and it won't get in the way of your fretting hand - even for the most awkward chord shapes.


UltraLight Ukulele

Our first dedicated ukulele capo, the UltraLight is perfect for these lightweight instruments. Like the other capos in the UltraLight range, the Ukulele capo is fantastically light, only 1/4 OZ / 8g, meaning it won't tip the balance while on the neck. It also has a miniscule profile against the neck, meaning it won't interfere with your fretting hand.

UltraLight Ukulele Capo

Just like all G7th capos, both the Classical and Ukulele UltraLight capos are designed to preserve the tone of your instruments and come with our free Lifetime Warranty.

Available now from and very soon from local stockists.