Upgrade Your Performance: Doug Macleod

Upgrade Your Performance: Doug Macleod

About Doug Macleod

I'm not sure that we can describe the current Blues Music Awards Acoustic Artist of the Year better than Blues Music Magazine:

"Like all great blues men, MacLeod lives his music, and the songs are not just on the tips of his fingers and tongue, they are one with his being"     

We're honoured & proud to have Dubb in the #G7thFamily!  

Dubb's Pearls of Wisdom

When Doug dropped into G7th HQ, we asked him what he'd like to pass on to other players from his vast experience as a singer-songwriter, musician, entertainer and Bluesman.
Here's what Doug said in 7 short videos.

#1 You don't need all of the notes to fill up a bar, you just need the right notes...

#2 Building your solo

#3 Never Play a Note You Don't Mean

#4 On Robert Johnson, Robert Lockwood Jr & Honeyboy Edwards

#5 Don't be afraid to play the notes you believe

#6 This is the music of overcoming adversity, not subjecting to it

#7 Dubb's Chicken Wings