Get creative with partial capos

Get creative with partial capos

Partial or cut capos are great fun. You pop them on the neck and it opens up a whole world of opportunities without the bother of having to retune. They're called partial or cut capos because it's like you have chopped bits off a full capo, so they only cover a few of the strings!

For example, put a 3 string partial capo on the second fret covering the A, D and G strings to make an Esus chord - which is like being in DADGAD tuning but a tone up! Also on the second fret, but upside down and covering the D, G and B strings gives you an A chord, like being in open G tuning but a tone up.

But if you want to get REALLY creative there are lots of other places to put the capo... here are some great videos and resources so you can get creative with a 3 string partial, which you can purchase from here!


Jason from Worship Artistry gives a few ideas with the partial on the 5th or 9th fret!


Chris Woods, a fantastic fingerstyle player, uses the partial to cover 3 strings at the 4th fret on his piece called "Thomastown".
Tuning is EADGBE (EAF#BD#E with capo). You can download the tab for this piece here:

Chris Woods - "Thomastown" tab


G7th's Simon Campling takes you through a song he has played at his church many times and gives you some ideas you can use with the partial capo on the second fret to simulate the DADGAD style tuning.
You can download a chord chart showing all the chords as if you were playing in the key of E with the partial capo: chord chart

You can pick up a G7th Newport #3 Partial Capo from some local stores or direct from